Tokyo Olympic: Big decision of the Organizers, Now only 80 Thousand Officials will get Entry rather than 1.80 lakh

There are only 2 months left within the Tokyo Olympics. Earlier, the Tokyo Organizing Committee decided to scale back the number of officials coming abroad for the Olympics and Paralympics by 60%. With these two tournaments, about 180,000 people were on their thanks to Tokyo.
Now only 80,000 people are going to be ready to come to the tournament. At an equivalent time, the difficulties for India have increased. Japan has imposed an indefinite travel ban on India. The Summer Olympics begin on July 24 and therefore the Paralympic Games begin on August 24.

About 15,000 athletes will compete in the Olympics.
Toshiro Moto, CEO of the Toto Organizing Committee, said there had been no change within the number of players. Only 15,000 athletes will participate. But the number of officials was reduced. the choice was made due to Corona. By watching the position of more corona, further reductions are often made.
60% reduction within the number of announced officials.
Earlier on Thursday, International Paralympic Committee President Andrew Parsons announced a 60 percent reduction within the number of officers. He said only he would be allowed for the Olympics.
The IPC also reduced its staff by 25%. At the same time, many doctors in Japan have boycotted the Olympics. “At a time when people are dying within the world, holding the Olympics isn’t the proper decision,” he said. The people of Japan won’t be safe.
Travel ban on Japan, India, Pakistan, and Nepal
At an equivalent time, Japan imposed travel bans on India, Nepal, and Pakistan from Friday. it’s unknown at this point what he will do after leaving the post

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