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The Remaining PSL Matches to be Played in Abu Dhabi

According to the report, due to the increase in Corona cases, the remaining matches of PSL 6, which were postponed within the first week of March, were decided to be held in Karachi in June.

But thanks to the spread of the virus in Pakistan The franchises had proposed to carry the competition within the UAE.

The PCB also approached the host board, but within the meantime, the UAE imposed new travel restrictions.

Due to lack of time for administrative matters, the PCB had sent a special delegation to the UAE, which had been trying to succeed in a conclusion for four days, sources said.

Progress has been made, arrangements are made with Abu Dhabi to host the remaining 20 matches, while visa applications are going to be submitted for 400 people to participate in the event.

It may be recalled that just in case of uncertainty, the board had also kept the choice of matches in Karachi open. If the competitions had not been held within the UAE, they might are hosted in Karachi as per the sooner schedule.

The PCB has also been encouraged by the steady decline in the number of corona cases within the country over the past few days. However, now the possibility of matches in Abu Dhabi has become clear.

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