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Tokyo Olympics: Japan’s Govt called to Military Doctors to speed up COVID Vaccination

Japan has added military doctors and nurses to its aid list in Tokyo and Osaka to hurry up vaccination operations against the coronavirus. within the two months leading up to the Olympics, the govt has been working tirelessly to regulate infections and step up vaccination campaigns.

The Japanese Prime Minister is committed to hosting the Tokyo Olympics

Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga is committed to hosting the Olympic Games in Tokyo and has set an ambitious goal of vaccinating 36 million senior citizens within the country by the top of July.

It is known that protests have increased in Japan thanks to the immunization of most of the citizens and therefore the safety of the people and the cancellation of the Olympic Games ranging from July 23. The Suga-led government has repeatedly extended the state of emergency within the country since the top of April and has stepped up its efforts to combat the virus.

Vaccination against the virus is the only way.

Considering the steady increase in cases of covid 19, Suga said vaccination is that the only thanks to preventing infection. Over the subsequent three months, the target is to vaccinate 10,000 people each day in Tokyo and 5,000 each day in Osaka.

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