Tokyo Olympics: 10 thousand fans will be able to watch the games in the stadium

The Tokyo Olympics is to be held from 23 July. A maximum of 50 percent of local fans is allowed to enter the stadium at every venue between Corona. Last year the games were postponed due to Corona.

Japan’s organizers have allowed 50 percent of the stadium’s capacity to be at the venue during the upcoming Tokyo Olympic Games, setting an audience limit in the least venues. However, quite 10 thousand spectators won’t be allowed to enter any venue.

The Olympic Games are going to be held from 23 July. These games were postponed last year thanks to the coronavirus epidemic.

During a web meeting, representatives of 5 organizing bodies, including the International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach and therefore the Tokyo government, finalized a policy on spectator limits.

However, they’re expected to go away the choice of holding the Games open without spectators just in case the infection situation worsens before or after the Olympics starting July 23.

During this, Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga has said that the choice regarding the audience is often changed, the Olympic Games also can be held in empty stadiums. He said that seeing the circumstances, a final judgment is going to be taken on this.

However, foreign fans haven’t been allowed to return from the organizers. Only people from Japan are going to be ready to attend the stadium. a complete of three .7 million tickets are going to be sold to the general public.

Emergency has been imposed in many cities including Tokyo till July 11. Most of the people of Japan are opposing the organization of the Games between Corona. They believe that this is often likely to extend the infection.

Information received from PM’s Office: 6.5 percent of the people of Japan have received both the vaccines of Corona. At a similar time, 16.5 percent of the people have had a minimum of one vaccine. so far 14 thousand people have died in Japan.

Athletes from all the countries will go here with the vaccine thanks to Corona. However, they’re going to be allowed to return only three days before the beginning of the event. In such a situation, this point the players will come at different times

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