Brazil reached the final of COPA America

Neymar beat 3 players with dribbling, scored a winning goal by giving back pass to Lucas

Defending champions Brazil has reached the final of the Copa Am ،rica, South America’s biggest football championship. They beat Peru 1-0 within the semifinals. The match was very interesting. Brazil took a 1-0 lead within the half. The decisive goal was scored by Lucas Pacata within the 35th minute, with the assistance of Neymar Jr.

After that, no goal was scored within the last half and Brazil won the match. Both teams got 3-3 corners within the match.

The second semi-final is going to be played on Wednesday morning between  Argentina and Colombo. The winning team will face Brazil within the title match on July 11. Meanwhile, the losing team will face Peru. This fight is going to be the third. The match is going to be played on July 10.

The 35th minute of the primary half had just begun. Meanwhile, when the ball reached Neymar, he took it to the opponent’s goal post.

Neymar had just entered the circle when Peru’s first defender, Alexandre Collins, came to prevent him. Neymar chased after him and visited the opposite side. Then came another bodyguard, Christian Ramos. Striker Janluca Lapadola surrounded him from behind.

After that, Neymar showed speed and altered direction and came back. Neymar, meanwhile, moved forward, taking the ball under Collins’ feet and handing it to teammate Lucas Passita. Lucas scored with a left-foot kick. Goalkeeper Pedro Gallis dived, but couldn’t stop the ball.

Messi’s Argentina team has won the award ninefold. this point too he’s a claimant. In the second place, Uruguay and Chile won the title 7-7. Since then, Brazil and Peru are champions 6-6. within the final (2019), Brazil won the title by defeating Peru 3-1.

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