Team USA basketball: Bradley Beal, Kevin Love replaced by Keldon Johnson, JaVale McGee on Olympic roster

Team USA basketball

The Team USA men’s five has announced the name change of Bradley Beal and Kevin Love. The team announced Friday that San Antonio Spurs Keldon Johnson and Denver Nuggets big man JaVale McGee are added as substitutes.

Bael was placed on health and safety protocol earlier in the week , and it had been decided he wouldn’t be ready to visit Tokyo, Japan for the Olympics with the team. The shortfall has pushed the Detroit Pistons to Jerami Grant in health and safety protocols, leading to the cancellation of Team USA’s practice game against the Australian national team on Friday.

Love is being picked thanks to a protracted right calf injury that has hindered him throughout the 2020-21 season. Love happened when she felt she wasn’t at her best to compete within the Olympics.

Although Johnson and McGee are never participating within the production that the Bills provided in offense alone, a preliminary decision was made on July 25 with Team USA’s first game against France only nine days away.

Johnson impressed the Olympic staff as he coached the USA Select team in Las Vegas with the team heading to Tokyo, and McGee would add much-needed depth to the front core.

Johnson is already in Vegas and training with Olympic athletes, so getting him on the roster was a simple move. McGee, who played with the Cleveland Cavaliers and Nougat last season, will head to Vegas on Saturday.

McGee features a traveling man career within the league, playing for seven different teams in his 16 years. he’s also a three-time champion between his two rings with the California Warriors and last season’s title-winning champion with the Lakers at the Orlando Bubbles. Standing 7 feet tall, it provided the Americans with length and ram protection.

Although Johnson is merely in his second year within the NBA, he spent a breakout year with the Spurs after getting more opportunities in San Antonio . He started two games this year, scoring nearly 13 points, 13 rebounds and two assists.

Gregg Papovich is clearly attached to the choice , because the USA coach has spoken well of Johnson during the past two years coaching in San Antonio .

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