Lionel Messi leaves Barcelona. How many teams could afford Messi?

Barcelona say Argentine star is leaving the Club

On Thursday, in shocking news, Barcelona announced that “financial and structural barriers” had prevented Argentina from signing a replacement contract after Lionel Messi’s two-decade stay in Barcelona had ended. We reported three months ago Messi will no longer be part of Barcelona.

An announcement on the Catalan giants’ official website said: ‘Despite the clear intentions of FC Barcelona and Lionel Messi to reach an agreement and to sign a new deal today, this can be due to financial and structural constraints. It cannot be (Spanish Liga rules).

‘As a results of this example , Messi won’t be staying in FC  Barcelona.’

‘Both sides are deeply saddened that the players’ desires and the club won’t be fulfilled in the end.

“FC Barcelona would love to thank the player for his contribution to the expansion of the club and want him properly for the long term in his private and business life .’

Messi for Barcelona:

  • Games 778
  • Goals 672
  • Assists 305
  • Trophies 35

How many teams could afford Messi?

One reader asks what percentage teams can tolerate Lionel Messi to limit where Messi can find yourself.

Some fundamental calculations show that the subsequent clubs can sign Messi to his previous financial terms, which may not cause irreparable financial problems as we see in Barcelona.

  • Manchester City
  • Chelsea
  • Manchester United
  • Paris Saint-Germain.

Liverpool could also be technically included, but they need to show no willingness to spend significant amounts this summer, including the most important deal in world football. Bayern Munich doesn’t think they’re going to do any business aside from the addition of Dayot Upamecano and Omar Richards.

Both of whom are planning since the start of the spring but are now pushing for Marcel Sabitzer. That’s not the extent of monetary commitment needed to sign Macy. Juventus couldn’t afford Cristiano Ronaldo’s salary and Lionel Messi’s.

So there might be four possible destinations for Macy’s in Europe, and possibly MLS or Argentina as a wild outdoor possibility. Messi has contacted PSG, while Manchester City had also talked to Messi’s camp last year and in 2016.

City Football Group’s Omar Berrada told us in October that “if he leaves Barcelona and if Messi becomes something to speak about, we could possibly explore that option.” Those clubs are clearly ahead, but the city’s interest continues with Jack Grealish and now a joint push for Harry Kane.

Chelsea‘s current focus is Romelu Lukaku, although he will only spend m 100m on transfer fees. Manchester United? Well, they’ve just signed on for Jadon Sancho and are incredibly excited about the prospects for their young forward line, including domestic opportunities Mason Greenwood and Marcus  Rashford. However, they will afford to travel and obtain Macy. He did not mention his name, but it’s possible, albeit impossible.

Probably the worst thing about Macy’s is that she came within the window so late. In May or June, he could have had six or seven potential suitors able to twist his strategy to be among the most straightforward players within the game. Now, ten days left until some big leagues resume? It’s further narrowed a market that was already uninterested in its sovereign requirements.


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