Austin Ekeler skips Chargers training due to hamstring injury, status for Week 1 uncertain

The Los Angeles  Chargers are on the verge of starting the 2021 regular season once they combat the Washington eleven on the road this Sunday. However, there’s now some concern that he won’t have his top weapon within the offense as Austin Ekeler didn’t participate in the team’s practice on Wednesday thanks to a hamstring injury.

Of course, this is often not a perfect development for the Chargers offense, which can consider a robust Washington Front Seven this weekend. Having a healthy pass like Austin Ekeler  within the backfield will certainly make Justin Herbert’s life easier, so because the week progresses, you’ll be ready to see his participation in practice.

Achilles is not any stranger to handling hamstring injuries as he was limited to 10 games last season after suffering a hamstring and knee hypertensive injury in Week 4.

He was ready to play in 10 games, Austin Ekeler showed why he’s considered one among the foremost versatile backs within the league – and thought of the highest 10 picks within the fantasy drafts this year. He completed 2020 with 530 yards, 54 receptions for receiving 403 yards, and three total touchdowns.

If Austin Ekeler loses the sport, Justin Jackson, Joshua Kelley, and Larry Rountree III are second on the los Angeles roster.

The AFC is out there to select up waste. Can Justin Herbert and Charger do their thing? Download the CBS Sports app now to urge news, analysis, and insights on Chargers. If you’ve already downloaded the CBS Sports app, choose Chargers so you do not miss a thing.

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