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Lane Kiffin wants to buy corn dogs for Katy Perry at an Ole Miss football game

The Ole Miss eleven will play its first game of the 2021 season against Austin Pay on Saturday, 9/11.

Ole Miss Football head coach Lane Kiffin wants an enormous crowd at the Hemingway Stadium.

Shroud made a video encouraging fans to require part in Saturday’s game.

When she tweeted the video, Kiffin said, “All the fans of Ole Miss FB are needed here on Saturday. come to Katy Perry, we’ll buy the corn dogs.”

Katy Perry was a star guest on ESPN’s “College GameDay” on October 4, 2014, when the show came to Oxford, Mississippi. He raised corn dogs several times during his appearance.

Ole Miss  Alabama defeated Alabama 23-17 on October 4, 2014. According to Grantland, this was the primary time Perry, a 13-time Grammy nominee, had participated during a college football.

In the video, Shroud tweeted Wednesday, saying, “Hey rebel nation, how good Monday night. The Rebels are 1-0. Don’t sit around and say, ‘I’ll wait until the SEC games.’ ‘ we’d like you on Saturday night. We are looking forward to the Walk of Champions – our first gathering. So begin and join us so that our players desire they’re running out of the stadium, but the recruits to Sounds great. The atmosphere of your time College, what we would like and what we would like. Hotty Today. ”

Olivia beat Louis Vale 43-24 in Monday’s opener. Austin Pay won 30-20 against Chattanooga on September 2.

Scott Walden is that the head coach of Austin Pay.

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