Mohammad Amir slams PCB and refuses domestic contract

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According  to Express News, Pakistani fast bowler Mohammad Aamir once again lashed out at PCB officials.Saying that when I am not playing international cricket. What is the use of playing domestic cricket when Pakistan’s international Not part of the plan, then for whom should I participate in domestic matches.

Mohammad Aamir said that my name was included in the central contract without asking, at least I should have been asked before announcing the contract. When I needed a contract to play international cricket, I was kicked out of the contract without asking.

Mohammad Aamir said that what is to be done with the contract of domestic cricket, they want to put their hand on my neck by signing this contract. I am not going to be caught by the board, I will play domestic cricket and replace me with a poor child. Give the contract, burn the stove of his house.

The former fast bowler said that there are educated people, they act like ignorant people, maybe their hearts and minds have not yet accepted that I have said goodbye to cricket, I am enjoying playing in the league, to meet him. I will spend my free time with my family.