Washington Football Team surprises head coach Ron Rivera after one year cancer-free

Living with Ron Rivera and the Washington football team has not been easy. While the NFL’s investigation and renaming of the team presented its challenges, Rivera also had to face a storm last year.

At the last moment, Rivera was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) located in the lymph node. He fought, coached the 2020 season even though he had to undergo radiation and chemotherapy. There were times when it was hard for him to work hard physically, but he appeared every Sunday and was present to his players.

Rivera wrapped up her cancer treatment last October and received a biopsy earlier this week confirming she was free of cancer a year later, according to the official Washington website. To celebrate this, Washington players surprised Rivera with the “Rivera Strong” decision to wear the back of their hat on Sunday when they play the Atlanta Falcons.

The team also surprised Rivera with a $ 25,500 donation from St. Louis. Jude Red Frog Events Proton Therapy Center. Watch this video Washington put together to celebrate Rivera’s year of cancer-free.

“As a coach, you always wonder if you get a chance to reach out to the players and touch them,” Rivera said after watching the emotionally charged video at a team meeting. “This was amazing man. Thank you.”


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  1. This was a super special and strong video. Rivera fought during challenging times, it ‘s time team to show him and your fans how strong and victorious you can be. Get back that Warrior spirit and pride and fight for first in NFC East and for the Super Bowl!
    Get some Defense, Make some Offense and be smart about it !

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