2022 NFL free agency rankings: The 100 best free agents, from Von Miller to Allen Robinson and more

1 He will be 31 and he is coming off a season where he played only nine games. Injuries have forced him to miss a lot of time in his career. When he’s healthy, he is outstanding. He’s also a great locker room guy. 2 At 32, he has a few good years left and showed in the postseason for the Rams that he can still provide nice edge pressure. The Rams would love to keep him, but that might not be possible. Pass-rush needy teams should make a run if they need help in the short term. 3 The Patriots did not franchise him, so he hits the market. Jackson has become a good, quality corner who can excel in man coverage. He has a nose for the football. 4 He is 32, so age is starting to become an issue. He is a good pass rusher, but after getting five sacks in the opener last season he cooled down in a big way. Even so, he will get a lot of action since he can rush the passer. 5 He is long corner who can lock up another team’s top receiver. He missed time last season with an injury, but he is still a younger corner at the age of 25 who can become a Pro Bowl player. 6 He is the best guard in the market and a player who can boost any offensive line. The Commanders likely won’t keep him, which means a talented younger lineman is there for the taking. 7 He is coming off an impressive 2021 season, which will help his status on the market. At 25, he is developing into a much better player on the back end than earlier in his career when his aggressiveness sometimes cost him. 8 He is a big, strong receiver who has played with a lot of bad quarterbacks in his career. He isn’t a burner, but he can win those 50-50 balls as well as any receiver in the league. 9 He is an explosive edge rusher, but injuries slowed him last season and he’s had some off-field issues that have kept him out at times in his career as well. But when he’s on the field, he can be a good edge rusher. 10 He signed a one-year deal with the Packers and proved to be one of their best defensive players. He is an active linebacker who can stay on the field for all three downs. 11 He has made steady improvement the last two seasons, fitting in perfectly in the San Francisco style of offense. He is a good run blocker who will be an early signing when the period opens. 12 This is the type of free agent I would sign if I were a GM. He’s a rising player who is just now hitting his peak at the age of 25. He has never been the top receiver on his team, but the skills are there. He is coming off a 77-catch season. 13 After starting his career as an inside linebacker, he has blossomed since moving outside as a rusher. The Panthers would like him back, but the price might get too high. He has 23.5 sacks the past two seasons. 14 He can play both center and guard, two positions where he’s started for the Bears. He’s also a young player at 24, which brings value. He will be signed early. 15 He isn’t the same player he was a few years ago, but in a corner-needy league he will get action. He is said to be looking for $15 million a year. He’s not worth that on a long-term deal, but he can still be a good starter. 16 A lot of teams are looking for a guy who can play the middle of the field, and Diggs is that guy. Even as teams move to more split-safety looks, he fits in any scheme. He has the range you like since he’s a former corner. 17 After a big-time season in 2020, his play dropped off a little bit last season. He’s still a good No. 2 corner on any team who can excel in zone coverage. He is short at 5-9. 18 He is a nasty, tough player who anchored the Tampa Bay line. He will have a good market if he doesn’t return to Tampa since so many teams need inside help. 19 The Seahawks released him Tuesday because he’s getting up in the years and they are in rebuild mode. He isn’t the same player he was a few years ago, but he can still help a team with his smarts in the middle of a defense. 20 This veteran is still a capable player who can do a lot of things for a defense. That, coupled with his smarts and his work ethic, will make him a nice addition to any defense. 21 He started his career slowly, but since coming to the Dolphins he has emerged as a good defensive end. He isn’t going to just line up and win with his speed, but he has become a much better pass rusher the past two years. 22 At 25, he has a chance to really hit it big in this market. He isn’t a No. 1 corner, but he fits as a No. 2 corner with his ability to play man coverage. He has good size at 6-1, 195 pounds. 23 He is a massive right tackle who played well last season for the Patriots. He can also play the left side as a good pass blocker. He will have value on this market. 24 Injuries slowed him last season, but when he was on the field he was still a force inside. He’s a power player who is tough to single block. He is getting up in the years at 32, but he can still play at a high level. 25 He led the NFL in tackles last season and is one of those off-the-ball linebackers who seem to show up a lot on tape. He can run and he can stay on the field for all three downs, which brings value. 26 He isn’t a No. 1 pass rusher, but if you pair him with a dominant edge player he can be a productive pass rusher. He’s really good against the run, but you don’t pay top dollar for that skill set. 27 Age is becoming an issue for him at 36, but he is coming off another solid season. He excels in pass protection on the left side, which gives him value on this market, even at his age. 28 This former center has made a nice transition to right guard, starting all of the Rams’ games there the past two seasons. He was a good run blocker in their zone scheme, but he has had some pass-protection issues at times (see 49ers Week 18 game). 29 If he plays — he might retire — he will find a home somewhere. He showed last year that he can still be a productive tight end, even if he isn’t what he was a few years ago. 30 He has played both guard and center for the Ravens, which gives him value on this market. He turns 28 in November and he is coming off a good season at center for the Ravens. The market should be solid. 31 He finally looked to be back to his pre-injury self last year down the stretch, but then suffered another major knee injury in the Super Bowl. That’s why he’s down this low. 32 Barnett is a good, solid player, but he won’t wow you with his pass-rush skills. He does play hard, and he’s good in the run game. He is a capable starter with a lot of starts on his resume. 33 He was traded from the Steelers to the Chiefs last season and helped solidify that Kansas City defense. He is a power player who holds up against the run and can still influence the quarterback. He would be a nice second edge player on most rosters. 34 He filled in at left tackle when Andrew Whitworth missed time last season and played well in his three starts. He is good in pass protection. The Rams would like to have him back, especially if Whitworth retires. 35 He is one of the top deep threats on the market, one of the true “speed” guys in this class. When he’s on the field, teams have to defend differently. He is a home run threat. I probably rank him higher than most, but I love outside speed in an offense. 36 He suffered an ankle injury in Week 4 that cut short his 2021 season. He is a bigger receiver who can run, which will help his value. The Jaguars could bring him back. 37 He is a smallish corner at 5-9, but he is feisty and will battle. He has fit playing in Seattle’s zone scheme, but his height might hurt him on the outside as a man player. 38 I think he’s one of the most-underrated players in this class. Pop in the tape in the 49ers’ season finale against the Rams and see why that is the case. 39 He has 46 starts over the last three seasons, making him another young guard on the market with experience. He is a good run player who can sometimes struggle in pass protection. 40 He is coming back from a major injury that forced him to miss most of 2021, but he appears to be making great progress. There is a good chance he goes back to the Saints. 41 He is said to be seeking a deal that will pay him $15 million a year, which is a little pricey. But he’s been a decent starter who will get action on the market in a cornerback-needy league. 42 Any team looking for a power right tackle should take a look at Moses. He excels as a run blocker and played well for the Jets last season. 43 His one year with the Vikings was a mixed bag. He missed time with a hamstring injury, which hurt. He still flashes the talent that made him a top corner with Arizona, but he’s not the same player he once was. He can still be a starter. 44 He’s a decent starter who will get action on the market because he’s only 24 and has 51 starts on his resume. Look for him to be one of the early signings because of line desperation in the league. 45 At 31, age is becoming an issue. Even so, he looked much better with the Cardinals last season than he did in his last years with the Eagles. He is a pass-catching threat who can still help any offense inside. 46 If you are looking for an underrated edge player, this is the guy. His best football might be ahead of him, but he has to prove he can do it when there isn’t a Joey Bosa on the other side. 47 He’s a tough, physical safety who will show up with some big hits and in the run game. When he missed time last season, it showed up in the Tampa Bay secondary. 48 He has played well in their zone scheme, but at times he has issues in pass protection. He can move, which is why he fits their system. I think he can be pushed around at times in pass protection. 49 He missed most of last season with shoulder surgery, but he did return to play in the playoffs, so he’s healthy. He is a possession receiver who can help a team looking for help inside. 50 He tore an Achilles tendon last season in Week 9, which ended his season. As he recovers, teams might be reluctant to give him a big-money deal. He is a good player who can play deep and near the line of scrimmage. 51 He’s a good starting center who excels in the run game. He has also started at guard in his career. At 32, he is getting up there in years. 52 He has turned his career around in Tampa after being cut by the Jaguars. He is a power runner who won’t make many people miss, but he has developed into a good pass catcher. 53 After being considered a bust for much of his early career, Patterson was a nice addition for the Falcons last year. He played running back and receiver, showing off his versatile skills. He also can return kicks. 54 He looked like a star when he came into the league, but injuries have slowed that train down some. He does flash that ability at times, but the consistency isn’t there. Even so, he can be a capable starter for any team. 55 He played well last season on a one-year deal for the Raiders. He excels as a zone player, which is fine since he’s getting up in years at the age of 32. 56 He is the type of player teams should focus on in free agency. He had his breakout season last year when Irv Smith Jr. went down, showing he can be a starter in the league. He is only 26. 57 After tearing an Achilles tendon late in 2020 with the Chiefs, he settled in and did a nice job for the Colts last season. He isn’t a guy who will be All-Pro, but he is a capable starter. 58 He is coming off a torn ACL suffered late last season, but the talk is he will be ready for the opener in September — no matter where he plays. The Cowboys are expected to push to get him back. 59 He is a power nose who can hold up against the run. He is coming off a good season where he did just that. He isn’t much as a pass rusher, but teams in need of a run-stuffing inside player should give him a hard look. 60 The Bills have seemingly looked to replace him each of the past two seasons, but he remained the starter. He is a No. 2 corner who needs to be paired with a top guy. He excels playing zone coverage more than man. 61 He started 13 games last season, but he was suspended for one game by the team for a disagreement with coaches. At times he has looked like a Pro Bowl safety, but inconsistency has been an issue. Maybe a change of scenery would be good. 62 He is a big tight end who can catch the football in the middle of the field. He’s also a solid blocker, although not a great one. He was a perfect complement to their receiving group last season. 63 He stepped in last season and played well as their slot receiver. He is good after the catch, which he showed last season. At 26, his best football is in front of him. 64 This former corner has made a nice transition to safety and is a smart, heady player who can cover tight ends when asked to do so. He would add a veteran presence to any secondary. 65 Many might remember him for his drop of a sure interception in the NFC Championship Game, but he’s been a solid starter for the 49ers for a few seasons. He isn’t flashy, but he knows how to play the game and knows his role. 66 He tore a pec muscle last season that forced him to miss time. When he’s on the field, he’s a good run player. He isn’t a great pass rusher. 67 If a team is looking for a rising player who didn’t play a lot because he played behind good players, Settle is that guy. He is a good inside rusher and might be ready for a bigger role with a new team. 68 He started all 17 games for the Vikings last season, getting three picks and 108 tackles. They raved about him in camp last season, and he responded with a solid season. 69 With the Calvin Ridley news, the Falcons would be wise to bring him back. He showed last season, after Ridley left the team for personal reasons, that he could be a nice player in their offense. They need him now. 70 He is coming off his best season in 2021 with 42 catches and five touchdowns. He is one of those rising players who can help an offense in need of a receiver. He is a little older at 28. 71 Any team looking for a veteran edge player should give Hughes a look. He isn’t the same player he was a few years ago, but as a situational player he can help a team. 72 It’s funny how his reputation has changed after one year as a backup with the Bills. He was a decent starter with the Bears, but nothing more. Now he might be the top quarterback on the market. Amazing. 73 He is coming off a good season for the Cardinals as a rotational back with Chase Edmunds. He is a power runner who also can catch the ball if needed. He won’t rip off the big runs, but he moves the chains. 74 The veteran linebacker didn’t play as well last season after opting out in 2020. He’s slowed down some, which is never a good thing in a league that spreads people out. 75 The 35-year-old Campbell is still a good run defender who can hold the point. He did miss time last year with a calf injury, so that is a concern. But he’s a great teammate to have on any roster. 76 The skill set would make you believe he’s one of the best receiving tight ends in the league. Yet it hasn’t happened for him. He’s been a big tease. The talent is there. The issue will be whether somebody can get it out of him. 77 He’ll be 31 in October, but he is coming off a decent season in 2021. He is a good run blocker, but his pass protection can be bad at times. The Jaguars want to upgrade at guard, which is telling. 78 He tore a pec muscle in Week 6 that ended his season. But when he’s been on the field, he’s a good starting linebacker. 79 He is coming off his best season in his only year with the Packers. He was outstanding playing the ball last season, looking much better than he did in his other stops. The question is whether that was a fluke or not. 80 In his only season with the Bengals, he was a big part of why the defense improved. He did get hurt late and missed the playoffs, but he played well for their front last season. 81 He has played a bunch of different spots for the Bears, being a reliable starter at times. He won’t wow anybody, but he is a nice player to have in your rotation. 82 He hasn’t lived up to the hype of when he was a first-round pick. But he has the tools to be a nice starting tight end, with pass-catching being his primary attraction. 83 At 25, he is a starter entering his prime. But he doesn’t really excel in any area. He’s a decent starter, but not much more than that. 84 He has been a starter at two different spots the past two seasons, yet here he is back on the market. He is a good teammate, but he seems to play too conservatively at times. Even so, he could end up as a starter for a team in need. 85 He is a good run player who has improved as a pass rusher. When Larry Ogunjobi went down late last season, Hill stepped in during the playoffs and played well for the Bengals. 86 He finished 2021 looking like one of the best runners in the league. After dealing with a bunch of injuries in his career, he finally looked like the first-round pick he was for Seattle. But the injury history has to be a concern. 87 He is a smallish linebacker — a converted safety in fact — who can run and chase, but has trouble at times at the point in the run game. His style fits with the modern game. 88 In his one season with the Seahawks, he caught 48 passes with four touchdowns. He turns 28 this summer, so there is still a lot of good football left in him. He doesn’t provide much as a blocker, but he can create opportunities in the passing game. 89 He emerged last year as a weapon for the Jets as a slot receiver and kick return man. He was an All-Pro for the latter. 90 He’s been a good nickel corner in his career, but injuries limited him last season. Even so, teams are always looking for good inside coverage players. 91 He signed a one-year deal with the Bengals last season and played OK for them at right tackle before going down late in the season with an ankle injury. He was missed in a big way in the postseason. 92 He suffered a torn pec muscle in 2020 and missed time to open last season. But he came back to again be a good player on a bad defense. He might not be the player he was a few years ago, but he can still help a team looking for a veteran linebacker who is good against the run. 93 Injuries limited him to 11 games last season and he’s getting up in the years. So those are both concerns. But when he’s on the field, he’s still more than capable of being an above-average corner. 94 He played well in his only season with the 49ers after opening his career with the Raiders. He can play outside and inside and provide pressure. He signed a one-year deal last season and will parlay that into more this time around. 95 The veteran surprised some with his solid season for the Cardinals in 2021. He had 54 catches with three touchdowns, which isn’t great but he showed he could still be a solid No. 2 or No. 3 receiver. 96 In 2020, he appeared on his way to becoming one of the league’s better tight ends. But he started slowly last season and then suffered a torn ACL midway through the season. That will hurt his market. 97 When he’s on the field, he’s an explosive runner capable of the big play. He fit the 49ers’ offense to perfection, but he’s had to battle a litany of injuries in his career. Maybe he joins Mike McDaniel in Miami. 98 He played 13 games for the Ravens last season and had disappointing numbers, catching 27 passes for 394 yards and one touchdown. He is a speed receiver, but he didn’t play to that last season. 99 This veteran has 74 career starts, including 46 the past three seasons for one of the better offensive lines in the league. He turns 30 this year, so he still has some good football left in him. 100 He was once one of the better corners in the league, especially in the slot. He isn’t that anymore, but he can still help a young secondary,

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