“38 is great, but I wanted 40!”: Warriors’ Klay Thompson is still not content with himself as he dropped a season-high 38 points to beat the Milwaukee Bucks

Klay Thompson puts on a season-high 38 points as he led Warriors past the defending champions, Milwaukee Bucks

Klay Thompson is back, and he made sure that was heard all the way across the NBA tonight. Taking on the defending champions at home, the Warriors did not allow Milwaukee to extend its win streak to seven. Instead, they built on their back-to-back wins and made it a three-game win streak.

Klay Thompson led the way for the Warriors. After having a rough time since the All-Star break, Klay finally chose tonight to silence all doubters. He came out red-hot, scoring 21 points in the first half. He went on to get 38 points for the night, along with 6 rebounds, 5 assists, 1 block, and a steal.

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Jordan Poole scored 30 points, grabbed 6 rebounds, and dished 5 assists. Andrew Wiggins added 21 points, whereas Jonathan Kuminga added 14 points and 11 rebounds.

Klay Thompson wasn’t satisfied with 38, wanted to get a 40

The first thing to know about Klay Thompson is that he’s his biggest critique. The 32-year-old sharpshooter is always there for himself, to push himself, and to strive to get better. During his recent rough patch, Klay was the toughest on himself, and the team knew the same. After his performance tonight, the team and coach Steve Kerr were more relieved than probably Klay himself was.

After the game, Klay talked to the media, and as expected, wanted more.

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Typical Klay behavior. Just put up the highest points he’s had since March 2019, and he still wants more. It is this drive that separates him from a lot of other players, and what makes the Warriors the giant they are. With Draymond Green returning on Monday, this season is only about to get better for the Dubs.

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