76ers still fining Ben Simmons for missed games, just not small violations


The 76ers reportedly stopped fining Ben Simmons.

But that might have not been accurate.

Keith Pompey of The Philadelphia Inquirer:

The Sixers are continuing to fine Simmons for games missed, according to sources. However, they’re no longer fining him for small indiscretions like failing to tape his ankles for practice.

Simmons’ salary gets docked $360,305 per unexcused missed game. By comparison, fines for not properly preparing for practice are paltry.

For perspective, fines for missing practice entirely start at just $2,500 then escalate to $5,000, $7,500 and beyond. It barely rates relative to missing game checks.

Why this matters beyond counting Simmons’ money: If he’s still getting fined for missing games, that’d make it harder for him to sit the rest of the season if Philadelphia doesn’t move him before the trade deadline. The 76ers have 28 games scheduled after the deadline plus postseason games – subjecting Simmons to lose at least another $10,088,539.

Simmons has said he’s mentally unready to play. Similar to a player who’s physically unready to play, a player facing genuine mental-health issues shouldn’t get fined for it. Perhaps, Simmons could recover lost wages through arbitration. But there are difficult questions about where Simmons’ mental-health issues end and his desire to play for a different basketball team begins.

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