“A suit for Shaquille O’Neal is a gown for Jimmy Fallon”: When the Tonight Show host exchanged clothes with the Diesel and got swallowed by them

Shaquille O’Neal once joined Jimmy Fallon and exchanged his clothes with the comedian just to see him drown in them.

Shaquille O’Neal has been one of the most entertaining media personalities for more than a decade. He can be constantly seen with Turner Sports’ “Inside the NBA” and various other segments on TNT as an analyst.

But even before he retired from the NBA and became the biggest part of the Emmy award-winning sports show, Shaq used to make regular appearances on various nationally televised Late Night Shows.

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As soon as Jimmy Fallon, a top talk show host at the time was chosen to replace Jay Leno, who is one of the greatest talk show hosts of all time, he brought in Shaq as his first few guests.

Who else could he have called from the sports world who would bring a huge amount of viewership and also be entertaining simultaneously? And man does it not always pay off to bring in the former Lakers star.

Shaquille O’Neal exchanges clothes with Jimmy Fallon and watches him disappear in them

O’Neal joined Jimmy Fallon on the ‘Tonight Show’ in 2014 told him that his new nickname is “The Wolf of Ball Street.” Those were the first words out of his mouth as soon as he entered, and it seemed as if the show can only go downhill from there because that’s a line to an end of a show.

Well, but Shaq doesn’t believe in going downhill. As the show goes on, the Diesel starts to promote his signature suit line, which is where it went as hilarious as it can be.

“It’s not a big and tall line,” the 7’1, 350-pound giant told Jimmy. “It fits you, it fits me, it fits everybody,” he said as the comedian made his doubts obvious.

To which Fallon replied: “Let me try it on then.” As soon as 6-feet-tall Fallon puts on the 4x NBA champ’s suit, he looks like a 10-year-old trying his dad’s coat.

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