“Aaron Rodgers is the pretty girl that you gotta tell is pretty everyday”: Charles Barkley destroys Packers QB for ‘attention seeking’ and diva-like attitude

Charles Barkley doesn’t mince words when it comes to criticizing people, and so he didn’t hold back at all on NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers.

Rodgers has perhaps the weirdest year from someone of his level. It all started last offseason. Amidst a pretty normal offseason, reports came out that Rodgers wanted to leave the Packers, and that he was very unhappy with management.

He appeared in a press conference where he delivered a scathing criticism of Green Bay management, calling them out for letting go of veteran players and not giving Rodgers a say in personnel decision. However, the offseason came and went, and Rodgers stuck around. There was an Instagram story where he compared him and Davante Adams to Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen in their ‘Last Dance’, but still, Rodgers returned to the field as a Packer.

After a weird start to the season where the Packers were blown out by the New Orleans Saints, Rodgers delivered another MVP season, and expectations were sky-high for the number one seeded team. However, they were upset in a dramatic fashion in the divisional round, and now, here we are again.

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Charles Barkley calls Aaron Rodgers out

So, there have been rumors about Rodgers wanting to leave once more, but it looks like he’s coming back to Green Bay (for now). However, it won’t be at a cheap price. Rodgers is reportedly demanding a deal that could land him up there with Patrick Mahomes, at around the $50 million a year mark.

Charles Barkley ripped Rodgers apart for wanting that much and seeking so much attention (with him constantly being in the media and whatnot).

“I said this about Aaron Rodgers. I think he’s the pretty girl that you gotta tell her she’s pretty every day. I’m starting to think that. I’m starting to think he’s that girl like, ‘Oh I don’t look good today?’ Like, I told you five days in a row you good. I gotta tell you every day apparently…so I’m starting to wonder.”

While Barkley started off with just Rodgers, he started to press on about how quarterbacks who demand so much money never make it back to the Super Bowl again.

“First of all, you know what I don’t understand about these quarterbacks? Why are they such greedy pigs? Every quarterback who’s gotten big money never won (a Super Bowl) again. I never understood. You go Flacco, you go Russell, you go Aaron the first time, you go Drew Brees. Dak Prescott is going to be in that boat soon. Matt Ryan is in that same boat. Why don’t these guys take less money like Tom Brady so you can pay other players?”

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