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Welcome to 21SportsNews – Your Premier Destination for Timely and Engaging Sports News!

Our Mission

At 21SportsNews, our mission is to deliver comprehensive and up-to-the-minute coverage of the ever-evolving world of sports. Established in January 2021 by Zeeshan Sadiq, we are driven by a passion for sports and a commitment to keeping our global audience well-informed.

The 21SportsNews Experience

Dive into a world where sports come alive through vivid storytelling, insightful analysis, and breaking news. Whether you’re an ardent fan, a fantasy sports enthusiast, or someone looking to catch up on the latest scores, 21SportsNews is your ultimate source for all things sports-related.

Sports Diversity

From the intensity of football to the finesse of tennis, the strategy of basketball to the endurance of marathon running, we cover a diverse range of sports. Our goal is to capture the essence of each sport, celebrating the athletes and their achievements while providing you with a front-row seat to the action.

Meet the Founder

Zeeshan Sadiq, a sports aficionado, established 21SportsNews with a vision to create a platform that not only reports on sports events but also fosters a sense of community among fans. Zeeshan’s dedication to the world of sports and his commitment to quality journalism shape the foundation of 21SportsNews.

The 21SportsNews Team

Behind every article and update, there’s a team of passionate writers, editors, and sports enthusiasts working to bring you the latest and most engaging content. Our diverse team ensures that we cover a wide spectrum of sports, catering to the varied interests of our readers.

Director: Zeeshan Sadiq

Zeeshan Sadiq, our visionary director, is a true sports enthusiast with a passion for bringing the world of sports to our audience. His dedication and leadership drive the essence of 21SportsNews.

CEO: Atiq-ul-Rehman

Atiq-ul-Rehman, our CEO, provides strategic direction and ensures that 21SportsNews continues to be a leading source of sports news. His guidance shapes the future of our platform.

Content Manager: Sabiha Sheikh

Sabiha Sheikh, our talented Content Manager, plays a pivotal role in curating and delivering high-quality sports content. Her expertise ensures that our readers receive engaging and informative articles.

Contact Information

For inquiries, feedback, or collaborations, feel free to reach out to us at contact@21sportsnews.com

Thank you for choosing 21SportsNews as your sports news destination. We’re excited to share the thrill of sports with you and look forward to being your trusted source for everything sports-related!

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