“After missing six layups in a shooting contest, Scottie Barnes should be eliminated from the ROTY race”: NBA Twitter blast the Raps forward and Tyrese Maxey for bricking open shots in the Rising Stars event

Scottie Barnes and Tyrese Maxey give us one of the Shaqtin-A-Fool moments from the first day of the All-Star Weekend as they miss 6 layups in the Rising Stars shooting contest.

Day 1 of the All-Star Weekend was as eventful as we hoped for it to be. All three of the rising stars’ games were incredibly competitive that went down to the wire, with Team Barry eventually lifting the trophy.

Despite the action-packed tournament, it was Scottie Barnes and Tyrese Maxey who stole the show tonight. Pairing up for the shooting contest, one would naturally assume that the Dame Logo shot would be the toughest and Magic’s Baby Hook would be the easiest. However, that didn’t seem to be the case for the two youngsters.

Scottie went on to miss the close-ranged shot the first 4 times before Maxey had to step in. Hilariously, the Philly guard bricked both his attempts too, leaving the entire arena in tears.

Here, have a look at their shooting display.

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NBA Twitter troll Scottie Barnes and Tyrese Maxey heavily for missing 6 layups

As soon as the clip of their shooting from the event went viral, NBA Twitter exploded with reactions.

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Despite all the trolls, Scottie and Tyrese seemed to have enjoyed the eventful night. However, the Raptors and the Sixers franchise would hope that their youngsters don’t enter the practice facility shooting as they did tonight.

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