“Ah, man! I accidentally crushed my Dwight Howard cake!”: Shaq hilariously shows his ‘appreciation’ for a little gag Inside the NBA pulled on his 50th birthday

Shaq hilariously shows his ‘appreciation’ for his birthday cake from Ernie, Chuck, Kenny, and the rest of the team of Inside the NBA

Happy 50th birthday Shaq!

Getting to the half-century mark is a massive deal, especially for someone as accomplished as the Diesel.

Getting to this age has not only allowed the man to see how his legacy has developed and stood the test of time, but also watch over the game, and look at it from the eyes of an analyst… that’s his official title, not a label we’ve chosen to give.

To celebrate his hugely successful time in the realm of the living, the team from Inside the NBA decided to celebrate with a blast.

There were confetti, a toast, and gifts, which included a butt-pad, and… medical pads. Truly, the greatest gifts of all time.

But most of all, there was a cake. The color scheme was mostly white with hints of blue, while the cream on it looked immaculate. And the graphic of ‘Shaq’ on it… hoooo boy!.

Let’s just say we wanted to bring it to your attention, and Shaquille O’Neal’s reaction to you, for a reason. And much like the birthday boy, it is by no means a small one.

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Shaq ‘mistakenly’ drops the cake when he sees a certain other superman’s graphic on it

And no, we don’t mean the original, comic book version.

Instead… well, how about we just show you the tomfoolery Inside the NBA managed to pull off on this one?

‘Perfection’ isn’t quite the right word to define the cake, is it?

It’s a shame Shaq is a butterfingers too. We’d have LOVED to see some more closeups of that uncanny representation of Shaq.

Alas, it seems that fate didn’t quite allow that to happen. The Diesel just couldn’t help but make his ‘mistakes’.

All we can only hope for, is the man getting exactly the same cake on each and every one of his birthdays, for the rest of his life.

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