“Allen Iverson tells me he loves my game every time I see him”: Jayson Tatum as he takes it to Twitter revealing how the Philly legend’s compliments makes him grateful

According to Jayson Tatum, former Philly legend Allen Iverson lauds the Celtics youngster for his game every time they see each other.

Ever since he was drafted by the Boston Celtics with their 3rd pick of the 2017 Draft, Jayson Tatum has been a straight-up star in this league. The 6-foot-8 former Duke Blue Devil is only 23 years of age and has already established himself as one of the elite players in the entire association.

JT has racked quite the resume so far in his career – 3 All-Star selections, an All-NBA selection, an All-Rookie team selection, and already has 4 50-point games. It goes without saying, looking at his potential and the staggering numbers he puts up on a daily basis, the forward could be one of the future faces of the league.

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Over the past few years, Tatum has managed to impress and gain the respect of his competitors and even former legends. Former Philly icon Allen Iverson is one of the many who seems to be a fan of Jayson’s game.

“Allen Iverson telling me he loves my game, it means everything coming from him”: Jayson Tatum

With the All-Star Weekend currently undergoing, a huge majority of the retired legends are gracing the current generation players with their presence in Cleveland. Among the many HOFers present in Ohio is one of the league’s most prolific scorers – Allen Iverson.

Apparently, the former Sixers guard lauded Tatum’s game sometime during the 3-day event. Taking it to Twitter, JT revealed how much it meant to him when AI compliments his game. The Cs’ leader wrote:

A.I tell me he love my game every time I see him…. that mean everything coming from him

On numerous occasions, Iverson has given the youngster his flowers. In the “All The Smoke” podcast appearance last year, Allen even agreed that Jayson Tatum “got a lotta Kobe in him too”.

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You know you’re good when an 11-time All-Star can’t get enough of talking about your game.

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