“Am I supposed to wear a $5000 chain to the game?”: Jarrett Allen fires back after fans trolls him for a super casual outfit during the All-Star Weekend

NBA Twitter couldn’t handle Jarrett Allen wearing a simple hoodie and pants for the All-Star weekend, however, the Cavaliers star didn’t budge.

Jarret Allen, Darius Garland, and Evan Mobley participated in the revamped Taco Bell Skill Challenge this year. They led Team Cavs to a win, however, Jarrett Allen’s outfit captured everyone’s attention.

Fans are used to watching Russell Westbrook and Kyle Kuzma pull up to the arena in bizarre outfits. Allen’s low-key attire was a surprise, especially for All-Star Saturday night. He was trolled on Twitter for his outfit choice but that didn’t faze him.

It is funny that a player of Allen’s caliber has to defend his outfit choices because he didn’t look like a millionaire. Jarrett Allen laughed it out during media interaction and defended his clothes on Twitter as well.

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Andrew Bogut and Kendrick Perkins rose up and defended Jarrett Allen

Alongside his teammates, Jarrett Allen defeated the Antetokounmpo brothers and Team Rooks to win the Taco Bell Skills Challenge. The new format did not sit right with a lot of fans.

In Kobe’s honor the All-Star game format was changed which made sense. But the Skills Challenge disappointed many fans. Team Cavs won the challenge but Jarret Allen had to spend more time defending his wardrobe.

Retired NBA player Andrew Bogut said he became Jarrett Allen’s fan after his statement about not wanting to wear a $5000 chain to the game. Clearly, keeping it simple is the way to go for Kendrick Perkins as well.

The Cavaliers big-man will also be playing in the All-Star game tomorrow night alongside Darius Garland on Team LeBron as James Harden‘s replacement. He certainly earned the spot this season with his incredible performance.

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Hopefully, he doesn’t give in to the trolls and dresses casually tomorrow night as well.

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