Antonio Brown has a message for Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, hints that he wants Dallas to sign him

The last time we saw Antonio Brown on a football field, he was storming out of MetLife Stadium while shirtless after getting into a spat with Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians. In the days after that tirade, the Bucs released Brown, who has been a free agent ever since. 

Although the receiver’s 2021 season ended on a low note, Brown does plan to play in 2022. And based on an interview he recently did with “The Pivot Podcast,” it seems that Brown already has at least one team in mind that he could play for. 

During the podcast, which is hosted by former NFL players Ryan Clark, Channing Crowder, and Fred Taylor, the controversial receiver was asked what his plans were for the upcoming season. 

“The plan is to get back into the game,” Brown said. 

The receiver then pointed out one specific team that would be a good fit for him. 

“Maybe Jerry Jones thinks it looks sexy that I’m putting out all this motivation and all this hard work and encouragement,” Brown said. “Maybe he want to harness some of that energy.”

The fact that Brown mentioned the Cowboys owner by name makes it sound like he’d love to sign in Dallas. As an owner, no one loves making headlines more than Jerry Jones, but it’s hard to see him signing Brown unless the receiver was willing to play for the veteran minimum, and even then, it’s still unlikely. 

Right now, Dallas is working to cut salary cap space, not add it. One of those cost-cutting moves is expected to include the release of Amari Cooper. Even if Brown was willing to sign for cheap, he still comes with some major risk. Over the past 12 months alone, he’s been a part of multiple controversies including a situation where he had a fake vaccine card, plus his aforementioned tirade against the Jets. He’s also burnt bridges with pretty much every team he’s ever signed with (Buccaneers, Raiders, Patriots and Steelers). 

The Cowboys are officially the second team this offseason that Brown has mentioned as a potential landing spot. Back in January, the receiver said he’d like to play with Lamar Jackson, which was an idea the Ravens quarterback definitely sounded enthusiastic about. 

As controversial as Brown has been over the course of his career, he still has some talent, so it won’t be surprising if someone eventually gives him another chance. 

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