“Aren’t you playing right into their hands, Kevin Durant?”: Nets superstar hilariously uses Thanos meme to admit defeat in a Twitter war

After a huge 29-point win over the Sixers at Philadelphia, Kevin Durant is back at it with fans on Twitter.

Joel Embiid finally got the taste of what it was like for Kevin Durant to play with James Harden this season. The Brooklyn Nets defeated the Philadelphia 76ers by a huge margin on the latter’s home turf.

It came to a point that Philly fans had to boo their own team for being down 30+ points. Kyrie Irving was latched onto James Harden all night and restricted him to 3-17 shooting. However, it was not just his fault. Sixers starting five collectively had a rare off night from the field.

It was Philly’s first defeat with Harden in their lineup and a massive one at that. Philly fans paid a hefty amount for the tickets and got a free-throw contest in return from Embiid.

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Kevin Durant mocks a fan on Twitter with Thanos meme

Fans were constantly heckling Nets players even though their team was in a double-digit deficit. Knowing KD, he obviously had to fire back at some of them sitting courtside.

When Embiid went to shoot free throws the Slim Reaper walked up to the sidelines and told Philly fans that they were acting like children. The only person missing in this madness was Kevin Hart. It is surprising that he missed a matchup like this to begin with.



Someone on Twitter tried to suggest that KD got played by the fans and not the other way round. He says Durant did exactly what they wanted by paying them attention during the game. The fan was obviously reaching and to mock him the Slim Reaper replied with the Thanos meme.


Brooklyn Nets will face their city rivals without Irving on Saturday. Their upcoming schedule can take them to the 7th spot in the Eastern Conference at best but they are clearly the favorites to come out of the play-in tournament. A round one matchup between the Nets and Philly is highly likely.

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