“Ben Simmons needs to get the difference between health and fortitude!”: Shaquille O’Neal delivers some cut-throat criticism the new Nets star’s way on Inside the NBA

Shaquille O’Neal reacts to Ben Simmons’s trade to the Nets, and his comments on the matter during recent press conference


He really did it. Ben Simmons really just decided not to play for the 76ers, was clearly in the wrong, and still got traded to a darn good team, in the Nets.

What ramifications this series of events will have on the relationships between players and franchises is frankly a massive topic, and hence, we’re going to save that for another day. For now, we’re still trying to wrap our heads around the fact that the former 76ers star actually did it.

Much like us, you probably have about a gazillion questions on your mind regarding this whole topic. And we’re happy to tell you, that the man himself answered at least some of those questions in a recent presser, which you can find below.

After watching the presser, the first thing we wanted to know about, was how in the world would NBA legend and Inside Crewmember, Shaquille O’Neal react to it all. After all, the man has been very critical of this whole play by Big Ben in the past.

Well ladies and gentlemen, the lord sure do giveth if you ask nicely enough. Let’s get into it, shall we?

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Shaquille O’Neal hesitates to talk about mental health, but also draws the line between health and fortitude

You know, it’s not often Shaquille O’Neal gets so deadly serious on any grave topic. In fact, it almost seems like whenever they come up, the man just kind of looks for ways to sidestep it.

This time, however, it seems that Shaq wanted to talk. And so, while he stayed a bit careful of what he said, given the volatile nature of the topic, he managed to deliver some real criticism towards Ben Simmons.

Take a look at it all in the YouTube clip below.

Whether or not the now Nets star really went through some mental health issues… frankly only he and he alone can really know. And so, even if many believe he was lying, it’d be unfair to levy that against him.

However, we couldn’t agree more with Shaq on this one. Ben Simmons is a massive name, who will now play in yet another massive market. As sad as it may sound, criticism and hate are a given, no matter what.

So, while it is understandable to be swallowed up by all that once in a while, it is also important to build up your mental strength so that those same things don’t affect you as much anymore.

Unless Ben can take Shaquille O’Neal’s advice and do that, life in the NBA is only going to get that much rockier in the future.

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