“Ben Simmons spotted shooting some hoops with Kevin Durant in Brooklyn”: NBA Twitter question the mental health status of the former ROTY, slamming him for insulting those with the illness

Controversial NBA player Ben Simmons finally arrives in Brooklyn and is spotted interacting with his Nets teammates on the bench.

One of the most talked-about NBA players off-late, Ben Simmons made his first public appearance on the hardwood in Barclays Center. In what it seems, the former ROTY may suit up soon for the Nets. Simmons has been making headlines since the 2021 eastern conference semi-finals.

The 25-year old was criticized heavily for his performance in the playoffs, with teammate Joel Embiid and coach Doc Rivers publicly stating their doubts regarding his potential as a Sixers guard. What happened next was Simmons and the Philly organization refusing to be on the same page.

The Australian native was in no mood to return to the Sixers despite the organization making several attempts, including his former teammates wanting to fly in and speak with him. Simmons refused to be a part of any of the Sixers’ practices or matches, receiving heavy fines.

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Simmons would not move an inch from his stance, with the Sixers President Daryl Morey finally making a deal with the Nets before the trade deadline.

Ben Simmons makes his first public appearance in the 2021-22 NBA season.

A recent trade between the Nets and the Sixers had Simmons finally what he wanted. The 6″10′ point guard found a new home playing alongside Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving in Brooklyn. NBA Twitter was buzzing with reactions, spotting the three-time All-Star in Nets apparel.

Simmons looked happy to be in Brooklyn as he cheered his team. However, a section of media slammed the former Sixers player for using his mental health to not play until now.

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With Simmons beginning a new chapter in Brooklyn, the scars from the past continue to follow him, keeping him under the radar.


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