Bills’ Brandon Beane on offseason roster-building goal: ‘First thing, I’m going to try and protect’ Josh Allen

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Over the last few years, the Buffalo Bills have been widely lauded for their roster-building plan. After selecting Josh Allen with the No. 7 overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, the Bills turned over almost their entire roster. The 2021 roster had just 12 players left from the group that surrounded Allen in 2018. And they’ve been one of the best teams in the NFL since beginning on that process in earnest. 

Now, though, they are entering a different phase of their contention window. Allen signed a monster-sized contract extension last offseason, and is about to count against the salary cap at a much higher level than he did before. So, general manager Brandon Beane is going to have to thread a finer needle than he did in the past. 

“We’ll have to make some moves, but I wouldn’t see us being big spenders or anything like that,” Beane said, per the Bills’ official website. “But we’ll definitely look to fill some spots from the outside as well as retain some of our guys.”

His first goal, though, should be unsurprising. “First thing, I’m going to try and protect him,” Beane said of Allen. “As I said earlier, I have to make sure the O-line is set and that we’re confident in them. But beyond that, always looking for the various pieces.”

Of course, it makes sense that the Bills want to protect their investment in their star quarterback. Buffalo’s offensive line has been solid, if not necessarily spectacular over these past couple seasons, so it also makes sense that the Bills would seek upgrades up front. We have seen in each of the last two Super Bowls just how important it is for an offensive line to hold up against relentless pressure. Buffalo hasn’t been to the Super Bowl yet, but solidifying the line could help them get there.

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