Brandon Miller, Amen or Ausar Thompson No. 3 Pick?


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(Alabama: Wing, Freshman, 6-9)

Previous rank: 6 (+2)

Best rank: 3 (Yahoo,

Worst rank: 9

Brandon Miller, a 20-year-old freshman for Alabama, has vaulted toward the top of the draft as one of the most versatile forwards and knockdown shooters (45.1 percent from three-point range).

“Miller is a two-way high-level scoring wing,” an NBA executive told HoopsHype. “He’s a Paul George type of player. What he’s doing as a freshman is impressive.”

Miller has scored 30 or more points three times against Gonzaga, LSU, and Vanderbilt.

“I don’t think Miller’s quite as athletic as George, but I’ve seen footage of those guys back to back, and the comparisons aren’t that far off,” another NBA executive told HoopsHype. “It’s clear that Brandon’s definitely watched some of Paul’s game. I think he may go third. Brandon’s a two-way player who can shoot the s*** out of it, and his handle is developing.”

Now, there’s become a debate amongst several NBA executives about whether Miller should leapfrog the Thompson twins on their draft boards.

“When you’ve got a guy like Miller, it’s tough for me because I don’t care what your skill set is – if I’ve got a guy who’s a knockdown shooter who makes threes in a variety of ways, it’d be tough for me to pass that up for two guys that can hit the broad side of a barn, no matter how talented the Thompson twins are in other regards,” a third NBA executive told HoopsHype. “It wouldn’t shock me if there are some teams that would consider Brandon at No. 2.”


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