“Brandon Williams is only 3,083 3-pointers away from tying Stephen Curry for the record”: A hilarious graphic is displayed as the rookie knocks down his first career 3-pointer during the GSW-Blazers clash

A wild graphic comparing Stephen Curry and Brandon Williams’ career 3-pointers goes viral during the GSW-Blazers matchup after the rookie hits his first-ever shot from beyond the arc.

Stephen Curry is unarguably the greatest shooter in NBA history. The man holds virtually all three-point records in the book to his name. And this past season, the GSW leader also surpassed Ray Allen for the #1 spot on the 3-point record and also became the only player in history to cross the 3,000 3-PM mark.

Comparing Curry’s stats to any other player would be extremely unfair. And putting his numbers right next to a rookie’s should be considered criminal. However, that did happen during the GSWBlazers clash.

After Blazers Brandon Williams hit his first-ever 3-point shot, TNT displayed a wild graphic comparing Curry’s total career-made 3-pointers to the undrafted rookie’s.

Here, have a look at this unnecessary graphic.

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NBA Twitter reacts as Williams’ total 3-pointers are compared to Stephen Curry

As soon as this graphic went viral on social media, NBA Twitter blew up with reactions.

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