Brian Flores hasn’t spoken with Bill Belichick since text message incident, says he’s ‘open to conversation’

Brian Flores won’t be having discussions with Bill Belichick any time soon, yet won’t end all conversations with his former boss. Flores discussed his text message incident on HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel (set to air Tuesday night), revealing he hasn’t spoken to Belichick since the controversial text message (from HBO Sports). 

Gumbel: “Since that now– now infamous text exchange with Bill Belichick, have you spoken with him?”
Flores: “I have not. I have not.”
Gumbel: “Have you tried to?”
Flores: “No. I haven’t.”

Flores’ lawsuit against the NFL stems from his text message exchange with Belichick. Three days before Flores was set to officially interview with the New York Giants for their head coaching vacancy, Belichick accidentally texted Flores, congratulating him on winning the job. Belichick thought he was texting Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll, who ended up getting the position.

The incident still bothers Flores, who revealed he didn’t talk to anyone from New England about potentially returning to the New England Patriots as a coach. Flores is open to talking with Belichick, but didn’t seem initially fond to the idea. 

“I mean there’s potential that we could– we could run into each other,” Flores said. “I mean I’d be open to a conversation. But, no, I– I– I– well, if that– if that– we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.”

Flores also discussed Belichick on the ‘I Am Athlete’ podcast, revealing he’s not holding a grudge toward Belichick over the wrong text message. 

“I’m not mad. I mean, Bill did what a lot of us [have done]. He sent a text message to the wrong person. I’m certainly guilty of that before,” Flores told podcast hosts Brandon Marshall, Chad Johnson, and Omar Kelly, via CBS Boston. “To me, I thought it was specific to the lawsuit in that it confirmed a lot of things that I thought were going on, that I think a lot of Black and minority coaches think are going on. It kind of confirmed it for me. 

“As far as having a fair and equal opportunity to go and interview and show your acumen, show your intelligence, show your ability to lead, show your willingness and your leadership. Oftentimes, it’s not a fair and equal playing field.”

Perhaps Flores and Belichick will mend fences at some point, but that will be difficult with the lawsuit going on. 

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