“Cade Cunningham had a Michael Jordan statline and we didn’t show one clip of his”: Candace Parker goes off on NBAonTNT for favoring Nikola Jokic over the Pistons rookie

Candace Parker calls out NBAonTNT for not showing a single clip of Cade Cunningham in their game against the Detroit Pistons. 

Cade Cunningham got off to quite the rough start to his NBA career as he averaged 14.2 points per game on 35% shooting from the field in his first 10 games. Not to mention the fact that it was extremely risky to have him handling the ball during this period as he committed 3.2 turnovers for every 4.1 assists he dished out. 

The script has flipped on Cunningham however as his last ten games have seen him ball out for the Detroit Pistons and live up to that number one overall selection.

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He’s averaging 18.2 points on 47% shooting and 40% from beyond the arc. Though his turnover rate is worrisome, he’s merely a rookie after all. 

Recently, Cade Cunningham had the best game of his young career, putting up a statline of 34 points, 8 assists, 8 rebounds, and 4 blocks against the Denver Nuggets. Despite this obviously stellar statline, he wasn’t shown any love on NBAonTNT. 

Candace Parker on Cade Cunningham not getting any love from NBAonTNT. 

Seems as though Cade Cunningham has to put up an even better statline than the one he had against the Nuggets to get any love by NBA analysts showing game highlights.

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Following the Pistons 110-105 loss to the Nuggets, the postgame highlight reel on NBAonTNT was chalked full of Nikola Jokic and Denver Nuggets highlights. Granted, they did win the game and Jokic did have 28 points and 21 rebounds but to not show a single clip of Cade’s is despicable. 

Candace Parker rightfully called it out on National TV, with her saying, “We didn’t show one Cade Cunningham make. Just not one. Boy had 34. One of two rookies to have 34, 8,8, and 4 and it was him and Michael Jordan. We didn’t show one clip.” 

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