“Can Steph Curry pass James Harden to be the all-time 3s leader in All-Star Game history?”: How many 3s does the Warriors superstar need to surpass ‘The Beard’ tonight?

Can Steph Curry break his All-Star Game ‘curse’ and demolish James Harden’s record for most 3s in the ASG tonight in Cleveland? 

While Steph Curry may have become the all-time leader in 3s made during the regular season after surpassing Ray Allen’s 2973 mark this ‘22 season, he does not hold the same record for All-Star. Granted, he’s only been an All-Star 7 times in his career but James Harden has been an All-Star only twice more. 

For those not in the know, James Harden is currently the leader in threes made in the All-Star Game at 39 made 3s. Unfortunately, he won’t be able to extend this record of his tonight in Cleveland as he’s unavailable due to a hamstring injury that kept him out for his final 6 games as a Brooklyn Net.

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Despite Steph Curry having played in less ASGs than Harden, it’s strange seeing that he’s not made more than 39 threes over a span of 7 games given how remarkable of a shooter he is. 

With defenses being as a loose as ever in All-Star Games, Curry somehow has some of his worst shooting nights while representing his conference. 

Will Steph Curry eclipse James Harden to be the all-time leader in 3s made in All-Star Game history? 

Last year saw Steph Curry have his best shooting night from beyond in an All-star as he drained 8 threes on 16 attempts. Damian Lillard, funnily enough, went 8-16 as well on the same night along with hitting the game-winning half court shot to win it for Team LeBron.

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Some of Curry’s less tasteful shooting figures from 3-point land have been 4-17 in 2019, 3-11 in 2018, 3-10 in 2015, and 2-11 in 2014. 

In total, Steph has drained 32 threes in seven ASGs and will need to have as many threes as he had last year to surpass the 2018 MVP in this category. With defense being as lazy as ever in All-Star Games as of recent, there is no reason as to why Steph Curry couldn’t become the leader in this as well.

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