Carson Wentz traded to Commanders: Colts send former first-round pick back to NFC East

Indianapolis Colts v Jacksonville Jaguars
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Carson Wentz is heading back to the NFC East, but it’s not to suit up once again for the Philadelphia Eagles. Having disappointed on the back end of his 2021 season with the Indianapolis Colts — following a trade between the Colts and Eagles to acquire him and his very large contract — the former has decided to part ways with Wentz after just one season. They’ve reportedly struck a deal to trade him to the Washington Commanders in exchange for a package of picks, per ESPN and confirmed by CBS Sports senior NFL reporter Jonathan Jones, one that might include two third-round selections.

The package, more specifically, is constructed as follows:

Colts receive: 

  • 2022 third-round pick 
  • 2023 third-round pick that escalates to a second-rounder if Carson Wentz plays 70% of snaps
  • 2022 second-round pick

Commanders receive: 

  • Carson Wentz
  • 2022 second-round pick

The news comes only one day after it was revealed the Commanders attempted to trade for Russell Wilson before being ignored by the Seattle Seahawks, largely due to Wilson refusing to waive his no-trade clause to play in Washington, and amid rumors of the Commanders desperately trying to acquire a veteran quarterback (that also put them in the rumor mill for a possible move on Deshaun Watson).

Instead, they were able to get the Colts to accept their offer, and Wentz will now head to a former division rival in 2022. This means the Commanders will also pay the entire tab to acquire him: $28 million due in 2022 that includes a $5 million roster bonus when the league year opens on March 16. Should he remain in Washington beyond next season, the team will be on the hook for salaries of $20 million and $21 million, respectively, to the expiration of his contract following the 2024 season — a contract put in place by the Eagles in 2019.

Wentz was jettisoned from Philly following the selection and eventual emergence of Jalen Hurts, and the Colts were in need of a quarterback after moving on from future Hall of Fame quarterback Phillip Rivers. It was believed by the organization that a reunion with Frank Reich would see Wentz regain form, but it only happened in spurts. With the season on the line in Week 18, Wentz imploded and, as such, cost the Colts a seat in the postseason.

Rumors of his demise in Indy began immediately thereafter, and have now materialized. The Commanders feel much like the Colts did one year ago, in that Wentz can be a franchise QB in the league but, from durability issues to inconsistent play, he’ll have a lot to prove in Washington — to say the very least.

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