“Come on Shaq!!! The Miami Heat haven’t been at full strength all year and they’re in the first place”: Dwyane Wade confronts former teammate Shaquille O’Neal for being biased towards the Nets and the Lakers

Experts call out the biasedness of the other expert all the time, this time it’s Dwyane Wade who has called out his former Heat teammate Shaquille O’Neal.

There are some teams that don’t get enough criticism for their bad performances compared to the praise they get for their good ones. The Brooklyn Nets have been one of those teams, and so are the Lakers.

Both teams were supposed to be the top teams in contention from each conference before the start of the season. While the Nets are 3rd in the East with a 29-18 record, they haven’t looked like a team who would present any challenge to the champions of the West. Well, it doesn’t even look like they could win the East without their Big 3.

Whereas, the LA team has been one of the worst teams in the NBA to watch lately. They have a 24-24 record and have struggled to find a winning streak since the start of the season. Their city counterpart, the LA Clippers even without Kawhi Leonard (since the start) or Paul George (around half of the season) are playing much better.

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But still, the Lakers’ criticism is mostly Russell Westbrook or Frank Vogel-centric these days. More often than not, they are skipping criticism because they are missing Anthony Davis from the lineup for a long time. Former Lakers’ legend Shaquille O’Neal said the same on the subject.
“You can’t judge either of these teams (Lakers, Nets) because they’re not at full strength.”

Dwyane Wade pulls one on Shaquille O’Neal

It is rare to shut Shaq up on the sets on NBA on TNT, at least on Inside the NBA. But as the Brooklyn Nets took on the LA Lakers, the Diesel sat with Dwayne Wade, Candace Parker, and Adam Klefkoe for “NBA on TNT on Tuesdays”, his former teammate just did that.

Wade called out Shaq on his take quickly, “Shaq what does that mean? The Miami Heat haven’t been at full strength all year, and they’re in first place.”

O’Neal’s response, “that’s not my saying, Sir” is as defensive as one could make the Big Shamrock. The 2006 NBA champions, former Heat duo would be one heck of a panel for the younger generation of fans who aren’t much familiar with Charles Barkley or Kenny Smith.

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D. Wade’s praise of the Miami Heat is just on point. The team, who just sneaked into the top spot in the East amid Chicago Bulls’ and Brooklyn Nets’ struggles recently, has played just 12 games with all their top stars in the line-up.

Having been ignored all year, after their last year’s early Playoffs exit, the Heat now has a 30-17 record, and they certainly are the contenders from the East much like the Nets, the Bucks, and the Bulls.



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