“Damn Buddy Hield, Alvin Gentry traded you twice!”: De’Aaron Fox hilariously roasted the newest Pacer sharpshooter for getting traded away from another Gentry team

De’Aaron Fox jokingly told Buddy Hield that he got traded away from yet another team that Alvin Gentry coaches. 

For as shocking as the CJ McCollum trade to the Pelicans was, the 6 player trade between the Indiana Pacers and the Sacramento Kings blew that out of the water. Getting off of the contract that Buddy Hield held was a priority for the Kings this trade deadline but sending Tyrese Haliburton away for was quite the shock. 

Receiving Domantas Sabonis is great compensation but pairing a poor shooting guard in De’Aaron Fox with a poor 3-point shooter and below average defender in Sabonis will have the Kings in limbo. They might be able to snag the 8th and be fodder for the 1st seed while also not being bad enough to get high draft picks.

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The Indiana Pacers on the other hand, now have a backcourt duo of Tyrese Haliburton, a playmaking guard, and Chris Duarte, a shot-making guard. Buddy Hield will also provide the Pacers with adequate spacing. 

It isn’t confirmed that Hield will stay with the in Indiana however as it’s been speculated and reported that the Pacers are open to looking for a trade partner to deal Hield away. 

De’Aaron Fox roasts Buddy Hield after he gets traded. 

Given the fact that De’Aaron Fox has played with Buddy Hield for nearly every single game of his career, it’s safe to say they’ve built quite the bond. This was showcased when Fox jokingly told Hield that Alvin Gentry traded him away yet again.

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Of course, Gentry wasn’t a deciding factor of any sorts in the Hield trade as the Kings have been trying to package him away since last offseason. However it is coincidental that the two times he’s been traded in his career, it was from a team that was coached by Alvin Gentry. 

For those that may not remember, the trade that got Boogie Cousins to the Pelicans was centered around a 24-year-old, sharpshooting, Buddy Hield, who was drafted by the Pelicans that very year as the 6th overall pick. Gentry was the head coach of the Pels at the time.

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