“Dear Mrs. Westbrook, I appreciate your criticism, but I would continue to tell the truth!”: Skip Bayless responds to Nina Westbrook, says he won’t stop calling out Russell Westbrook

FS1 Analyst Skip Bayless responds to Nina Westbrook, says he appreciates her defending Russell Westbrook but he won’t stop commenting

The Los Angeles Lakers have dropped 11 of their last 14 games. This is despite LeBron James and Russell Westbrook starting. Anthony Davis being out has been a reason for the Lakers’ misfortune this season, but he isn’t the only reason. The Lakers gave up 3 role players to get Russell Westbrook, and he hasn’t gravely underperformed this season.

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This has led to Skip Bayless calling him out again and again. One of Skip’s favorite things to do was to put out tweets calling Russ Westbrick, well, because of obvious reasons. However, this did not sit right with Brodie’s wife, Nina Westbrook. She took it to Twitter and called out the FS1 analyst. This garnered reactions from other personalities too. Richard Jefferson stood by Nina and called out Skip for the same. Skip took a day before he replied to Mrs. Westbrook.

Skip Bayless responds to Nina Westbrook, says he won’t stop ‘doing his job’

Throughout his years, Skip Bayless has never abstained from saying what he has on his mind. We’ve seen it countless times when he keeps calling out LeBron James. This season, along with LBJ, Skip’s new favorite punching bag is Russell Westbrook.

After Nina Westbrook’s comment, Skip had to reply. He took a day but decided to do the same.

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Despite saying he’s open to criticism, Skip says he won’t change his ways. He says he would continue to call out the truth. Even though Skip didn’t name Russ, he clearly meant he’s going to call out Brodie whenever the situation arises.

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