“DeMar DeRozan surpasses Wilt Chamberlain in an impressive statistic”: The 5x All-Star is the only player in NBA history with 35+ points in seven straight games on 50 percent shooting

After tying an incredible Wilt Chamberlain in his last outing, DeMar DeRozan breaks the Hall of Famer’s record in the very next game.

Some athletes start to go down in the history books right from the get-go, most take time to reach their prime, which comes and goes before they are 30 years of age. But it’s rare to see a 32-year-old not only playing the best basketball of his life but also the best in the NBA as we speak.

DeMar DeRozan is doing just that. The 5-time All-Star has had many good seasons in the NBA, but this is by far his greatest. He had the help of Zach LaVine and Nikola Vucevic, two of the best scorers in the league, and Lonzo Ball and Alex Caruso two of the best defensive guards in the league this season, to keep Bulls one of the best teams in the league until December.

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But 3 of them have missed almost every game since January and still, Deebo didn’t let their opponents go through without a fight. The Bulls have gone 12-11 with most of the team’s core players missing those games.

DeRozan has been responsible for most of those victories. The LA native has been writing a new legacy in his 12-year NBA career with the consistency with which he’s playing this season.

DeMar DeRozan breaks a Wilt Chamberlain record

When he scored 40-points against the Spurs on Monday, the Chicago Bulls’ MVP bettered Michael Jordan’s record to be the first Bull to score 35+ points in 6-games while shooting over 50% in all those games.

He extended that run on Wednesday, scoring 38 points in Chicago’s 125-118 win over the Sacramento Kings. That’s an NBA record, which was previously held by the myth – Wilt Chamberlain.

With putting up such dominant performances, he has cleared one thing up, he is not changing according to the game. In 270 points he has scored over the last 7 games, DeRozan only scored 12 points from 3-pointers.

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As unbelievable as it sounds in today’s NBA, Deebo has taken just attempted 10 shots from the downtown in the last 8 games, making 4 of them.

He has had many perimeter shots in the past couple of years, which wasn’t his preferable distance since the start of his career. But it seems as if DeRozan has decided he will still be him and dominate the league as is.

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