“Everyone else is celebrating being the top 75 and then there is Kawhi Leonard being himself”: The Clippers star produces yet another robot-like moment during the NBA’s 75th Anniversary Team meet-up

Kawhi Leonard gave us a rather Kawhi Leonard-type celebration as he put on a blank face during the NBA’s 75th Anniversary Team photo.

Kawhi Leonard is one of the best two-way stars the league has ever seen. In his 10-season career, The Klaw has managed to rack up a ridiculous resume – 5 All-Star selections, 5 All-NBA selections, 2-time DPOY, 2-time champ, and a 2-time Finals MVP, and was recently named as one of the legends in the league’s 75th Anniversary Team.

Now, we all know that Leonard has a reputation for having inexpressive behavior. Whether it is his robotic laugh or his blank faces, Kawhi always manages to leave fans in awe… by doing absolutely nothing but being his peculiar self.

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Tonight, during the Anniversary Team photo, the Clippers’ forward added yet another incident to his long list of robot-type conduct. During the photo, all the legends seemed rather elated and were all smiles while getting their photos clicked. And then there was Kawhi being Kawhi.

Here, have a look at his expressionless face.

NBA Twitter blows up as Kawhi Leonard puts on a blank face for the 75th Anniversary Team photo

As soon as the photo went viral on social media, NBA Twitter blew up.


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Apart from seeing him get honored in the NBA’s 75th Anniversary Team, Clippers fans will also be elated hearing Leonard “feel a lot better“. Soon, we will be finally seeing the “Fun Guy” suit up and take on the court.

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