“For JJ Redick to light Zion Williamson up is the most damning condemnation I can think of”: Pelicans beat writer savages the 2019 NBA Draft’s #1 pick for his inane behaviour in New Orleans

A New Orleans Pelicans beat writer demonstrates how Zion Williamson has been mucking his relationship up with the franchise, using JJ Redick.

When Zion Williamson first made it to Duke, he was already the buzzword NBA prospect across the nation. RJ Barrett had built up a solid fanbase, but there was really nothing he could’ve done to snag this limelight.

Zion was flying, bouncing around with a force that we’ve legitimately never seen from any player before. This 6’6″ guard/forward demonstrated more thunderous dunks in his senior year of High School than we’ve ever seen before.

When Duke beckoned, and he succeeded there, the sky became the lower limit for Zion Williamson. But it seems that the youngster has gotten sidetracked after being drafted to the league.

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Through his first 3 seasons in the league, Zion has played only about a third of the number of games possible. What he’s done in those games constitutes undeniable proof of an upcoming Hall of Fame career and more. But it’s clear that Zion currently is more in the Greg Oden category.

A Pelicans beat writer cites JJ Redick critiquing Zion Williamson as proof of his lethargy

JJ Redick is a man who’s had beef with David Griffin after signing with the New Orleans Pelicans back in 2019. Redick went on record last year to explain how exactly he’d been done wrong by the Pelicans’ front office.

It is quite clear that Redick is a man who’s always in the players’ camp unless there’s solid proof to the contrary. And Redick himself has been quite critical of Zion Williamson, which indicates that he has insider information pointing to the same.

The New Orleans Pelicans have made a spirited comeback to the play-in spots, led by Brandon Ingram and his All-NBA caliber play. If they had Zion Williamson, they’d probably be above the LA Lakers in the standings right now.

It’s these lines of thought that have convinced Pelicans beat writers to go fully against their prize draft pick. One of them wrote the following on Twitter:

“JJ Redick is a Duke guy, a CAA guy and someone with a personal grudge against David Griffin. For him to light Zion up as a bad teammate and not invested in the franchise or his career, is the most damning condemnation I can think of, short of a current teammate doing it.”

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