“Forget logo Lillard, Ja ‘the logo’ Morant is here”: NBA Twitter is hyped as Grizzlies All-Star stuffs it from distance in a dominating performance against the Pelicans

Ja Morant is becoming a lethal shooter to complement his out-of-the-world paint game, Grizzlies get stronger as the All-Star betters his 3-point shooting.

The most electrifying player in the NBA, Ja Morant, has been everything the Grizzlies fans could ask for, or any basketball fan for that matter. The 22-year-old in just his 3rd year in the league has made himself a player to be the face of a title contender.

If he had done just that and not led the Grizzlies to be one of the best teams in the NBA, he’d still be having the fame he has earned by being arguably the most high-flying player in the NBA. He is among the top scorers in the paint in the league this season despite being a 6’2 guard.

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But the man isn’t just about dunks and posters, he wants to win. And win in today’s NBA equates to shooting. However prolific anyone’s game around the hoop might be, it’s easy to guard them when they are one-dimensional.

Morant though has improved his 3-pt shot compared to his last two seasons. He was shooting 31% or less before this season but now shoots above 34%. It might be below average for a 3-point shooter but it’s more than enough for Ja to keep their opponents at bay to guess where he’ll go next.

The man went from the logo on Tuesday when the Grizzlies took on the New Orleans Pelicans.

Ja Morant has a logo shot in his arsenal and its lethal

It took overtime for the Nuggets to take down the Pelicans last Friday, as they were coming from a 4-game winning streak with an average point differential of around 27 points in those games. But Ja Morant and Co looked in a hurry to finish this one.

The first time All-Star looked like he is still in the mood to put on a show like the weekend in Cleveland. He went off from the logo this time.

NBA Twitter goes wild after watching it which is generally watching his dunking clip.

It’s not a lucky shot, it’s a part of his practice routine.

He didn’t forget to put dunking show as well.

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