“Go watch Kevin Durant work out”: Andre Iguodala has some solemn advice for haters of the Nets superstar; details just how great a man KD has been despite all this vitriol

Andre Iguodala and Kevin Durant were best buddies during the 3-year term that the Easy Money Sniper spent at the Bay Area.

Kevin Durant is a man who’s been splitting public opinion about himself squarely down the middle for well nigh 6 years. His first 9 years as an NBA player had him receiving the coziest, most respectful support that any scoring champion could’ve gotten.

But a decision by Kevin, taken by him as a selfish thought for his own personal advancement, shall forever bring him haters. For 3 years, NBA fans had to make do with only dreaming about 2nd place. For beating the KD-endowed version of Golden State could only be a pipe dream.

Durant received a jersey retirement instantly after he announced his decision to move on to the Brooklyn Nets. Only losers in real life will begrudge the Easy Money Sniper this attention. It is well-nigh impossible to think of other players who’d get their jerseys retired in 3 years.

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Andre Iguodala implores haters of Kevin Durant to attend a workout by him

Andre Iguodala is one of the realest people you’ll ever come across. The 2011-12 NBA All-Star has been one of the league’s most underrated players since first joining GSW.

Over the years, Iguodala has established a truth-teller’s reputation. He doesn’t always have what may seem the ‘logical’ interpretation to a series of events. But NBA followers have found over time that what Andre tells us tends to stick.

Speaking to JJ Redick on the Old Man and the Three podcast, Iguodala had a great KD story. He first clarified any and every notion about the Slim Reaper being an arrogant guy. He also revealed the degree of his true excellence in a manner befitting a player of that caliber:

“There’s been a lot of stuff thrown at KD’s way. I’m always true for him, cuz he’s like one of the best dudes that I’ve been around. He’s up there, like, he’s just a good dude.”

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“He just wants to play basketball. And I always tell people ‘If you want your life to be changed, go watch Kevin Durant workout.’”

“I had like my close friend – my god brother – and I brought him into practice, and he watched KD workout. Like people’s eyes get teary. Like you just met Michael Jackson or something. He was like ‘That was the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.’”

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