“Grayson Allen will pay for what he did to Alex Caruso!”: Tristan Thompson announces controversial mission statement ahead of matchup vs Giannis’ Bucks

NBA Twitter reacts as Tristan Thompson delivers the Bull’s emotions on the infamous foul on Alex Caruso by Grayson Allen

Tristan Thompson may have only been on the Bulls for a few days now. But boy has the man adopted the feelings of this franchise.

Usually, when a player wasn’t actually on the team at the time of something tragic happening to a now teammate, they don’t care too much past doing their due diligence towards said teammate. But it seems that the man truly feels some real, visceral rage over what happened to Alex Caruso, the last time the Bulls faced the Bucks.

In case you may not know, in the middle of the game, Alex Caruso went up for a layup, when he was suddenly ambushed by the Bucks’ Grayson Allen. And suffice to say, it was absolutely gruesome to watch.

While Caruso did return to finish that game, an MRI later revealed that he had sustained a fractured wrist, and was out indefinitely due to it.

Of course, given just how intentional the foul looked. And it seems that, despite being a recent acquisition, Tristan Thompson feels the exact same way, something he wasn’t scared to voice out to a Bulls reporter.

And fans couldn’t help but love to see it.

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NBA Twitter can’t stop cheering as Tristan Thompson releases the Bulls’ statement of intent towards Grayson Allen ahead of the game vs Bucks

The Bulls’ are all set to face off against the Bucks, at the United Center. The team no doubt has tons of motivation anyway, to win every game they possibly can. However, as Tristan Thompson reveals, it seems that the team has some extra motivation in store for this game as well.

And as we said earlier, fans couldn’t help but cheer on Thompson through it all.

We won’t lie, we aren’t the biggest fans of the violent turn this whole situation may take.

As much as we believe that Grayson Allen’s dangerous foul was completely intentional, the last thing we want to see is yet another player injured.

Still, just a tad bit extra roughhousing than the normal NBA game would be fun to watch.

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