Hamidou Diallo contract: How much money does the Pistons wing and former Russell Westbrook, Paul George teammate at OKC Thunder make?

Hamidou Diallo has been getting better and better during his time with the Detroit Pistons since signing with them in 2020-21.

Hamidou Diallo is a 23-year-old swingman who entered the 2018 NBA Draft following a one-and-done season with the Kentucky Wildcats in the NCAA. Since the time that he got drafted, Hamidou has easily been a top-5 high-flier in the league.

After all, the 4th-year player won the Dunk Contest in 2019 with a dunk over 7’2″, 380+ pound Shaq. His victory that year seemed to be a sign of better times for perhaps the most disappointing event at All-Star Weekend.

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Hamidou Diallo Contract: How much money does Hamidou Diallo make this NBA season?

Diallo has mostly been a bit-part player during his short span of time in the NBA thus far. The swingman’s ball-handling is yet to progress to another level, hindering his overall progress as a player.

As a result of being used mostly as a 3-and-D guy, Diallo’s career counting stats are also way lower than his true potential. It’s for this reason that his contract value is also not much.

The Detroit Pistons signed Diallo to a 2-year, $10.4 million contract in August 2021. This seems to be an eminently fair amount for Diallo till the time he dials his game up on both ends.

Diallo’s biggest strength thus far in his NBA career has been his lateral mobility. It allows him to disrupt ball-handlers more effectively than other swingmen of his size. Diallo also has a knack for sniffing out transition opportunities and capitalizing on them.

However, for him to become more than just a role player, it is clear that he also needs to shoot better. His career 3-point percentage of 29.4% through 3 years was quite indicative of his struggles.

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Finishes like this one seem outrageous, but they reveal some great shooting mechanics for Diallo.

His release, however, needs to be way faster if he’s to be a dependable threat against NBA defenses.

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