“I am done talking about these damn losers!”: Charles Barkley refuses to utter the ‘Lakers’ this season until LeBron James and co win a playoff game

Charles Barkley refers to the Lakers as ‘this team from Southern California’ and takes a stand that he will not use the word ‘Lakers’.

The Los Angeles Lakers lost their fourth straight game to the Los Angeles Clippers this season. LeBron James and co were outscored 18-40 in the third quarter and it’s was impossible to bounce back from there, especially for the Lakers.

It was their final chance to avoid a 4-0 sweep by the depleted Clippers this season and it’s an understatement to say that they blew it. The Lakers are shooting just over 48% from the field while Kawhi-less Clippers have higher attempts and better efficiency. 37-year old LeBron James is settling for more threes but not nearly a good enough shooter to justify nine attempts.

The Clippers will easily go on to win this game and most likely meet the Lakers in the play-in tournament with Paul George back.

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Charles Barkley is done talking about the Los Angeles Lakers this season

The retired NBA legend Charles Barkley just called out the entire Sports media for talking about the Lakers too much. A team that has LeBron James, Russell Westbrook, and half of Anthony Davis on their starting lineup being a sub .500 team this season is unacceptable.

The Clippers without their 2 primary players have a much better record. As a result, Charles Barkley has vowed to not utter their name this season and refer to them as a team from Southern California.

When Ernie asked him when he plans to finally use the word ‘Lakers’ again Barkley said, “The rest of this season I’m not talking about these damn losers.”

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The Lakers are now 27-34 for the season, and are dangerously close to slipping to the 10th spot in the West. If the Pelicans and the Blazers can manage to get a run, they might even take the Lakers off the final play-in spot.

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