“I automatically start thinking about my hometown of Akron and my upbringing”: LeBron James opens up about being the only player in NBA history with 10K+ points, rebounds, and assists

NBA superstar LeBron James becomes the first player in NBA history to record 30K points, 10K rebounds, and 10K assists.

It was a bitter-sweet night for Lakers Nation, who had a blowout loss against the Phoenix Suns but had something to cheer about, courtesy of LeBron James. In the current scenario, the playoffs look like a distant dream for the purple and gold considering their loss on Sunday night.

If it’s going to take a 37-year old James to score 50-points on a nightly basis for the Lakers to win, the season is a wrap. According to reports, Anthony Davis is expected to return. However, it might be too late for the Lakers to resurrect.

Point guard Russell Westbrook continues to struggle with his performances and seems detached. The former MVP is in the midst of dealing with several controversies involving his family members. Amid all of this, the Lakers have something to cheer about in LBJ.

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Recently, James became the first player in NBA history to have 30K points, 10K rebounds, and 10K assists and is on the verge of winning his second scoring title this season.

LeBron James shares his feelings of being the only player to record 10K+ points, rebounds, and assists.

James would reach this milestone, dishing out the 10,000th assist of his career to his banana boat partner and 2003 draft classmate, Carmelo Anthony, who would score a 3-pointer. Despite all the obstacles this season, the kid from Akron continues to inspire.

The four-time champion had the following message when asked about achieving this milestone.

“I get a loss of words anytime things like this happen to me,” said James. “I automatically start thinking about my hometown of Akron and my upbringing where I come from. The dreams I had of being in this league at the highest level and to now sit alone in a statistical category in this league. I model my game after being able to score, rebound and assist. And to sit alone in a stat, I’ll say cool, but it doesn’t quite make sense to me.”


NBA Twitter reacts to LeBron James becoming the sole member of the 10K club.

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It would not be wrong to say that the Lakers have failed James.


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