“I averaged 3.4 turnovers, this is routine for me”: Dwyane Wade hilariously gets berated by Shaq and Candace Parker for spilling water on the set of NBAonTNT

Dwyane Wade and Shaq poke fun at Wade for spilling water over the set of NBAonTNT, bringing up his career averages in turnovers. 

Fans of the NBA who are accustomed to seeing Shaq, Ernie, Charles Barkley, and Kenny Smith on Inside the NBA may get a bit perplexed on Tuesdays when they seeing only 1/4th of that iconic foursome on national television, breaking down games. 

This is because Shaq, along with Adam Klefkoe, Dwyane Wade, and Candace Parker are part of a new set known as NBAonTNT on Tuesdays. It should be noted that most of the panelists here are quite young when compared to the likes of Chuck and Ernie.

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This was done to overcome the increasing generational divide between the analysts and the fans who consume their content. While the constant banter from Shaq and Chuck is peak entertainment, some of their takes might not be align with fans who are over 4 decades younger than them. 

Dwyane Wade spills water on the NBAonTNT on Tuesdays set. 

Having a recently retired Dwyane Wade and WNBA superstar, Candace Parker, giving fresh takes on the NBA’s finest athletes has brought a different energy to the set of NBAonTNT. Certainly, with Wade on board, there’s bound to be moments of hilarity and last night’s pre-game talk with Chris Haynes did not disappoint.

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While the Yahoo Sports reporter was on air, Dwyane Wade knocked over a cup of water that was set on the table. The show had barely begun and the 3x champ had already indulged in bit of tomfoolery. 

After spilling the water, Wade poked fun at himself by bringing up his career turnover average, claiming he averaged 3.4 turnovers a game so things like this would be routine.

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