“I did what it takes to win”: Cole Anthony takes it to Twitter after hilariously dropping down his shorts in hopes to distract Desmond Bane from shooting the game-winning free-throw

With the game on the line, Cole Anthony hilariously dropped down his pants in hopes to distract Desmond Bane from converting the game-winning free-throw.

After a well-contested and entertaining first half of the 2021-2022 season, the teams of the league get a well-deserved break. With the commencement of this break, the All-Star Weekend kicks starts in Cleveland with the new-looking Clorox Rising Stars tournament.

In this event, several youngsters compete against each other and aim to leave the fans in awe while hoping to go viral on social media for their breathtaking plays. Cole Anthony was one of the rising stars to go viral, but it was for a rather peculiar reason.

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During game 1 of the newly introduced tournament-style event, Desmond Bane of Team Isiah went on the line to grab the win. After Bane knocked down the first shot from the charity stripe, Anthony decided to do anything and everything he could to prevent the Grizzlies shooter from making the second shot.

Hilariously enough, Cole dropped down his shorts, hoping that Desmond would miss the shot after getting flashed.

Here, have a look at the incident.

NBA Twitter trolls Cole Anthony for flashing Demond Bane in Game 1 of the Clorox Rising Stars event

As soon as the clip went on social media, NBA Twitter blew up with reactions.


Cole Anthony took it to Twitter explaining why he did, what he did.

Come on now Cole, you don’t have to justify yourself. We know you are a competitive guy who will do anything and everything to help your team win.

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Unfortunately, Anthony’s free-throw antics weren’t enough for Team Worthy to get past the eventual runner-ups’ Team Isiah.

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