“I don’t bring my kids to games anymore because I keep getting called names”: Russell Westbrook gets vulnerable with the media following another Lakers loss

Russell Westbrook heartbreakingly reveals that he doesn’t bring his children or his wife to home games anymore because he gets called names. 

Being a kid from California and loving basketball would automatically lead to that kid wanting to play for the Los Angeles Lakers. Russell Westbrook grew up in Cali and even attended UCLA but his tenure on the Lakers has most certainly not panned out the way he or anyone else thought it would. 

While Russ is putting up numbers that were more or less expected of him, his fit is simply not viable on the purple and gold. Laker Nation has had it with the 2017 MVP at this point and are looking for him to move on from the Lakers at the end of this season.

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Reports have been released that suggest Westbrook’s camp is also of the same mindset, i.e., wanting Russell Westbrook to move on after this season ends. 

Tonight saw the Lakers lose a relatively close one to the San Antonio Spurs with LeBron James sidelined. Russ posted up an ast/tov ratio of 6:5 and following the game, poured his heart out to the media. 

Russell Westbrook gets vulnerable with the media. 

Nina Westbrook, Russ’s wife, has taken to social media as of recent to defend her husband, with her recently saying Russell Westbrook on the Orlando Magic would automatically equal a Playoff team. Westbrook took to his media availability tonight to talk about how he doesn’t bring his family to home games anymore due to the boos. 

“Right now, she’s reached a point and my family have reached a point where it’s really weighing on them. I don’t want to even bring my kids to that game (games in Arena) because I don’t want my kids to hear their dad getting called names.” 

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Tonight’s game saw Russell Westbrook get into a back-and-forth with a fan in San Antonio, telling the ‘fan’ to not disrespect his name. 

Fans have had a mixed reaction to Russ getting this vulnerable to the media. Some feel bad for Brodie (as they should because no man should be subjected to verbal abuse for playing the game a certain way) while some are showing no sympathy to him, calling for him to get bought out or get benched by the Lakers.  

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