“I love the referees let Kevin Durant and Joel Embiid talk and didn’t tech them up, that’s dope”: LeBron James cannot hide his excitement seeing the two big men showcase their competitive spirit

NBA superstar LeBron James reacts to Kevin Durant and Joel Embiid getting into a heated argument during the Sixers-Nets game, calling it dope.

Well, it would be a lie if one didn’t expect fireworks during the game between Sixers-Nets. Though Ben Simmons was on the radar, the tension going into the game had its impact on Joel Embiid and Kevin Durant, as well. The two big men got into a heated argument towards the end of the first quarter.

Durant took a nasty fall for his team, with Embiid getting called out for an offensive foul. What followed were the two elite scorers exchanging words, with this not being the first time. It was a big moment for hoop fans to witness this kind of competitiveness.

However, the two superstars share a healthy respect for each other, with Durant calling the Sixers center unstoppable and deeming his comparisons to Hakeem Olajuwon and Shaquille O’Neal true.

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The altercation had everyone pumped in the Arena and fans watching at home, with even LeBron James feeling the same.

LeBron James reacts to Kevin Durant and Joel Embiid going at each other.

It seems like King James also cannot contain his excitement for the Sixers-Nets contest. The four-time champion has been in several situations like these, especially when he joined the Miami Heat. Thus he knows what it takes to come on top during such anticipated games.

The Lakers superstar took to Twitter, sharing his views on KD and Embiid exchanging words.

The Nets led by as much as 21-points at half-time despite Embiid attempting 13 free throws in the first quarter and the Sixers having 25 free throw attempts at the end of the first half. Both KD and Embiid were giving the crowd their money’s worth.

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Social media was flooded with tweets, wishing for a seven-game ECF series between the two teams.


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