“I really like LeBron James, as an athlete and as a person”: When F1 driver Pierre Gasly spoke highly of the Lakers superstar’s leadership attributes

F1 star Pierre Gasly detailed why the Los Angeles Lakers were his favorite team, and how he liked LeBron James.

F1’s Pierre Gasly is a huge fan of the NBA. Time and again the AlphaTauri racer has been seen attending NBA contests, enjoying a game of NBA 2K, and even playing some hoops himself.

During the lockdown due to the pandemic, the Frenchman took on Thibaut Courtois in a game of NBA 2K20. Before starting the clash, he was asked to talk about his love for the American basketball league. The 26-year-old said:

“I really love the NBA. Most of the time I try to go and watch games when there are races in the US, so I went to see Houston, I spent some time in Miami and I managed to see a couple of games there. I went to see the Raptors once, Lakers… I just love the atmosphere. It gives you goosebumps just watching it and the level of the athletes is also really impressive – it’s completely different from F1.”

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“LeBron James is a great leader”: Pierre Gasly

The former GP2 Series winner then went on to talk about his favorite team – Los Angeles Lakers. And how he really liked LeBron James.

“I would say the Lakers. I really like LeBron James, as an athlete and as a person. His charisma, his attitude, he’s a great leader.”

Gasly further picked LAL to win the 2019-2020 season. He had reasoned:

“I think the Lakers look pretty strong. I’ll be happy for LeBron to get the title because going to the Lakers wasn’t easy, it was a big challenge… but looking at the results, I think they’re in a really good shape, but you never know what to expect in the playoffs.”

A couple of months after picking LAL to win it all, Bron and co. did manage to lift the NBA trophy at the Orlando Bubble.

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So far this season, the Lakers have been rather underwhelming. Despite having a stacked team filled with future HOFers, Frank Voegel’s boys are placed 9th in the West with a subpar <.500 26-28 record.

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