“I saw Michael Jordan shirtless and rubbed his back twice”: Stacey King describes his unorthodox ritual to generate good luck for himself

Stacey King admits to having approached Michael Jordan while he was shirtless to rub his back for good luck during Bulls games. 

Well before even winning a single championship, Michael Jordan had established himself as one of the greatest players to have graced the game of basketball. In merely his second season in the league, Jordan gained the respect of Larry Bird who called him ‘God’ after he torched the Celtics for 63 on their home floor. 

Stacey King was on such player who was enamored by Michael Jordan during his college. Given what we know about what took place between Jordan and Stacey through ‘The Jordan Rules’, it’s difficult to fathom any interaction between the two being anything but negative.

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Perhaps the most famous story revolving around the duo is Jordan berating Stacey for grabbing merely one rebound over the span of 3 games. While insulting him, MJ called him ‘Doughboy’ for his rather hefty frame, a ‘powerless forward’, and ‘a fat, fat boy’. 

Quite the unsavory selection of words from the 6x champ. 

Stacey King details having to carry out his ‘Michael Jordan’ ritual before every game. 

While Stacey King was in college, he developed a ritual where he would touch a poster of Michael Jordan before every game of his. He would end up dropping 30+ points during these games and so made this a routine thing. 

Fate would have it that he would get drafted 6th overall by the Chicago Bulls in 1989 and he would get to play alongside his idol, Michael Jordan.

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King details one instance during practice before a game where he had the ‘brilliant’ idea to touch the real life MJ for good luck. To make the story even funnier, Jordan was shirtless at the time. 

Stacey would actually go ahead with this plan of his and rubbed a shirtless Jordan’s back twice with the latter immediately backing away and telling him not to do that again. 

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